The leading threat to Iowa teens’ health is motor vehicle crashes

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Motor vehicle crashes cause 48% of all teen deaths in Iowa. In the past five years, 162 teen drivers, ages 14-17, lost their lives in crashes in Iowa (CDC, 2009). To address this issue, we need to create an atmosphere where young drivers are supported as they learn and given appropriate guidance in preparation for the complexities of driving.

By maximizing experience and minimizing risks while this experience is gained, we can protect teens while they are learning and produce safer drivers in the long-run.

Because they are still learning, young beginner drivers need to obtain experience gradually, over an extended period of time, in order to develop good judgment and learn the complex skills needed to drive safely.

Research has shown that teen crash involvement can be reduced by improving the structure of driver licensing systems. Graduated Driver Licensing, or GDL, is an experience-based approach that allows young drivers to gain experience while minimizing risks to them and others with whom they share the road.

Please review this Booklet, and feel free to distribute to all of your families with young drivers.